What we do..

Space Craft Associates offers extremely specialized architecture consulting services for Bungalows, Apartments, Hospitals, industrial buildings. With huge past experience and proven track records we are thorough with latest trends, understand building and operational codes, the construction methods available for constructing a client's building and structures, and the desired results with the actual costs and construction schedule limits We have excelled in our business based on "listening to our client", optimizing space with design & aesthetics and within their budget.

Project Management & Design Detailing:

Space Craft Associates is a young professional management consulting firm specializing in project management consulting, architecture, interior and construction. We provide our clients with planned management services in construction. Our years of experience and practical knowledge enable us to assist our clients in completing their construction projects on time and on budget. We offer these services to all sorts of projects like corporate interiors, bungalows, commercial spaces like restaurants, shops, and many more.

Interior Design Consultancy:

We at Space Craft Associates develop a purposeful, secure, and aesthetically pleasing space for our clients. Our work ranges from designing your walls, windows, doors, finishes, furnishings, textures, lights including everything and anything you want.

We offer our specialized services to the projects like Residential buildings, Bungalows, Apartments, Commercial Spaces & office Spaces.

At Space Craft Associates, we believe that our combined experience, diversity and technology allow us to bring your project the best services available